In the face of disruption, the industry turned to us, the first movers, to lead it through change.

But for long-term success, we must constantly learn and act ahead of the curve.
firstmovr is a community of practice to empower this learning and action through:


led by industry practitioners ​
with truly actionable insight ​
on the latest, most relevant
drivers of growth


led by executive educators
providing teams and organizations
personalized, company-wide
training and certification


led by experienced CPG change leaders​
to assess, advise and accelerate
strategies, capabilities and initiatives
for eCommerce and omni transformation

Community Insights

Check out some of the latest insights and expert opinions from across the industry

First Movers: Liza Maschi

LIZA MASCHI is Danone Waters of America’s Head of eCommerce. Liza is responsible for strategy, sales, and marketing for all eCommerce platforms within Danone Waters of America, a subsidiary of Danone North America. Since joining Read more…

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