Fortune favors the first.

Every great company can trace its roots back to one or more first movers — bold leaders who responded strategically to change and opportunity ahead of the growth curve.

And when faced with disruption, great companies still lean on their first movers to navigate change and achieve success.

BUT who can the first movers lean on?

firstmovr… a fellowship for the ones who go first.

We are Empowering eCommerce Education through Our Community of Practice.

We believe in the power of community, in both belonging, as well as standing out.

We believe in paying it forward in career advancement for all.

We believe in amplifying and harmonizing our voices as a chorus of industry change.

We believe in accessible and actionable insights and learning experiences that you can apply the next business day.

We believe in celebrating our shared moments of pride and pain along the journey.

You’re one of us. We’re first movers.

Designed for all of us by two fellow first movers

Oskar Kaszubski


Oskar is a global eCommerce leader and consultant with 16 years of experience leading digital transformation for global, mid-size and start-up organizations, including Kellogg’s, Mondelez, Kimberly-Clark and other Fortune 500 companies.

Chris Perry


Chris is the generator on a mission to empower first movers to win in digital commerce and beyond. As CPG eCommerce practitioner and advisor, he has led the eCommerce strategy, capabilities, activation and education at RB, WellPet, Kellogg’s and other top CPGs.