Shedding Your Coat of Corporate Conformity in the Age of eCommerce

We all know eCommerce has disrupted retail as the #1 global growth driver and now serves as the leading indicator of long-term market leadership.

HOWEVER, despite this known disruption, some organizations and leaders are still behaving like sheep…

And that’s baaa-d…

There is a road to recovery.  We recommend a 4-Step Program for digital transformation…










READ our complimentary eBook in which we “call a sheep a sheep,” answering today’s key questions like:

➤ What are the behaviors holding us back from digital transformation and “fencing” us in?

➤ What are the true root causes for these sheep-like behaviors?

➤ And moreover, how can we help our organizations “hop the fence” of change for long-term growth? 

As featured in

Do you know any sheeple in your neighborhood? Maybe these music videos will help you identify them.

*These parody songs are for edutainment purposes only. All rights and credit go directly to its rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended.

If you find this eBook and these music videos both painfully truthful and slightly entertaining, you have successfully escaped from the herd… Proceed to STEP 2.

If this eBook makes no sense to you, you are still a sheep… Repeat STEP 1.


Watch our recent webcast on demand for a deeper dive and panel discussion with fellow first movers driving eCommerce change and digital transformation within their orgs. It’s being done. You can do it, too!

If you’re ready to liberate the sheep in your organization, Proceed to STEP 3… 


EVALUATE your current state of readiness so to identify gaps, opportunities and next steps for growth and change.

Our friends at Profitero and Bobsled Marketing have proven that great minds think alike. Both of these fellow first movers have conducted outstanding research a) benchmarking brands capabilities, maturity and performance in eCommerce and Amazon and b) enabling you to assess your organization against these benchmarks.

Their research mirrors our own convictions (shared in SHEARED) about the big mindset shifts brands need to make about eCommerce. 

You MUST check out their 2021 eCommerce Organizational Benchmark Report!

It’s an invaluable survey of 250+ brands benchmarking CPG eComm maturity vs. current capabilities:

How eComm ready is your brand? See how you stack up against industry benchmarks:

For most CPGs, Amazon is critical to eCommerce success. Check out the Amazon Maturity Matrix!

An insightful framework based on analysis of 100+ brands that helps leaders to measure where they are on their Amazon journey and what to do to advance their business to the next level! 

Go one step further to actually score how your brand is performing against the 6 factors that drive Amazon results, and where you can improve.


SHED the sheep coat and UNLEASH the lion inside.

You’re not in this alone. We’ve got your BAAA-CK!

In addition to Profitero, Bobsled Marketing and other top industry partners here to provide you with the tools, talent and services to accelerate your eCommerce performance and digital transformation, firstmovr is here to help you:


with Industry Education and Strategy Insights​ to keep you up-to-date on change ​and how to respond


with Custom Programs and Strategy Assessments​ to upskill CPG execs, teams, ​and organizations for action


with Strategic Advisory and Long-Term Capabilities​ to integrate and scale ​ digital transformation

Stay tuned for more insights, updates and awesome sheep puns.

Here’s to your sheepless success in 2022 and beyond!