SHEARED is baaa-ck!

Counting Sheep to for Omni Accountability

By now, we all know eCommerce is the #1 global growth driver and that winning in eCommerce is becoming the leading indicator of winning in Commerce.

HOWEVER, despite this now imperative source of growth, some leaders were not taking action, behaving more like SHEEP… And that was baaa-d!

And so we decided to do something about it…










And so, in 2022, we published SHEARED, an eBook calling “a sheep a sheep” where we identified:

➤ The “baaa-d” behaviors holding us back from digital transformation

➤ The true root causes for these sheep-like behaviors “fencing” us in

➤ The 8 factors for effective change to help our organizations “hop the fence” of change for long-term growth

As featured in
We also hosted this summit for a deeper dive into the challenges and baaa-d behaviors, the formula for effective change, as well as an empowering panel discussion with fellow first movers leading such change and digital transformation within their own organizations.
What a relief to know it can be done, right?


And in 2023, we’ve saw lot of progress, but not enough to prepare us for the times ahead. 

And so, we published a sequel, SHEARED 2, in order to evangelize:

➤ The biggest barriers still holding us back

➤ The 8 factors for effective eCommerce change revisited to help brands unleash their full transformational potential

➤ AND progress being made by leading organizations PLUS recommendations for those lagging behind the change curve

And we hosted another summit to discuss change management in more detail with a panel of fellow first movers enabling and delivering this progress of eCommerce acceleration  within own organizations.
Other leaders are making these changes and seeing the results. You can, too.


And as of 2024, we’ve seen even more progress, as well as some true omni transformation taking place across leading CPGs who are counting sheep (i.e. measuring change).

And so, we’ve completed a trilogy with SHEARED 3, in order to celebrate achievements to date and evangelize:

➤ The 8 factors for effective omni change and how to measure them to help brands unleash their full potential

➤ AND leadership and best practices in-market from first mover organizations PLUS recommendations for those still lagging behind the change curve

And we just hosted our third summit to discuss change management in more detail with an amazing panel of fellow first movers enabling and delivering this progress of omnichannel transformation within their organizations.

Other leaders are counting sheep, and you can, too.

Looking for even more proof of both the progress being made by many leaders, but also the opportunity ahead of many organizations who want to lead?

You’re in luck.  For the 7th consecutive year, Profitero published the results of its eCommerce Organizational Benchmark Study to learn where companies are advancing in eCommerce vs. falling short of the mark.


If you’re ready to go count sheep and quantify and qualify change in your organization, you must continuously drive initiatives against these 8 change factors and assess your progress.

Other leaders are making these changes and seeing the results.  You can, too.

You’re not in this alone. We’ve got your BAAA-CK!

In addition to Profitero and other top capability partners here to provide you with the tools, talent and services to accelerate your performance and digital transformation, firstmovr is here to help you go:


Our calendar of leading omni industry events and custom workshops focused on the strategies and best practices for winning today and tomorrow.


Our custom trainings, workshops and certifications to upskill your execs, teams and broader organizations to enable and execute omni with excellence.


Our digital and omni strategy, capability and analytics services to support your internal planning, execution and optimization initiatives.

Stay tuned for more insights, updates and awesome sheep puns.

Here’s to your sheepless success in 2024 and beyond!

1. If you have found these two eBooks both painfully truthful and slightly entertaining, you have successfully escaped from the herd… 
AND you’ll enjoy our Sheeple in Your Neighborhood music videos below (we had fun last year!).

*These parody songs are for edutainment purposes only. All rights and credit go directly to its rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended.

2. If none of the above makes no sense to you, you are still a sheep… Please re-read SHEARED “OG” above.